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Bike hire

Discover the thrill of mountain biking at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park.

Your gateway to Smithfield Mountain Bike Park

Immerse yourself in the incredible trails of Smithfield Mountain Bike Park with our high-quality dual-suspension mountain bikes and dual-suspension electric mountain bikes. Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker or a beginner looking for an unforgettable adventure, we’re ready to make your journey as exhilarating as it is seamless.

As the closest bike shop to the well-known Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, we’re ideally situated for you to saddle up and ride to the trails from the shop. Our mountain bike rentals offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the park at your own pace while embracing the natural beauty of Cairns. Your adventure starts here.

Our mountain bikes

Our fleet consists of premium dual-suspension mountain bikes and dual-suspension electric mountain bikes designed to enhance your ride with comfort, durability, and innovation. We offer regular models from $150 per day and electric mountain bike models from $220 per day, ensuring a bike matches your thrill-seeking spirit.

Reserve your adventure

We know you’re excited to explore the beautiful Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, and we want to ensure we’ve got a high-quality mountain bike ready just for you! Booking in advance ensures you won’t be disappointed by a lack of available bikes. More importantly, it gives us the necessary time to tune and adjust your bike for optimum performance.

Our experts set up each bike’s suspension according to the weight of the rider, and we can supply either flat pedals or Shimano clips according to your preference. You can also bring your own pedals and riding gear if you choose to.

Don’t leave your Smithfield exploration to chance. Reserve your e-bike in advance, and let us prepare the perfect ride for you. Adventure waits for no one, and we’re here to make sure you don’t wait for your adventure!

Please note that if you arrive without a booking, we cannot guarantee that a bike will be available or properly set up in time for your adventure. So, make sure to book ahead!

Experience required

While there’s no age limit or experience level for hiring our mountain bikes, we recommend riders fit an adult’s medium size bike as a minimum. The Smithfield Mountain Bike Park trails are graded Green, Blue, Black, and Double Black to suit riders of all abilities. 

For riders under 18, a parent or guardian’s signature is required on the liability waiver and rental agreement.

Group package?

Riding with friends or family? Contact us in advance and ask about our group package rates. The more, the merrier!

Respecting the ride

While we love the spirit of adventure, we also appreciate the respect for our equipment. Riders are responsible for any damage to the bikes and will be charged for repair costs.

Ready to hit the trails?

Make your Cairns visit truly unforgettable with a ride through the breathtaking Smithfield Mountain Bike Park. Reach out to our team at Discovery Cycles to book your mountain bike adventure today!

Ride like a local

Dive into the heart of Smithfield’s cycling culture, where every trail tells a story, and every stop adds to your adventure. Explore, ride, and unwind just as the locals do!

Before you hit the trails, plan your adventure. Check out the Trailforks Map for the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the Smithfield Trails. Discover routes that resonate with your spirit of adventure and plan your journey to make every turn and trail unforgettable.

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Conclude your ride with a refreshing stop at Macalisters Brewing Company. It’s where the local riders unwind, share tales from the trails, and enjoy a well-deserved locally-made craft beer. Join the community and savour the local flavours.

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