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Finance & leasing / long-term rentals

Looking for more flexibility in the way you purchase your dream bike? We're pleased to offer flexible payment options through Studio 19 Rentals, and Zip Money interest-free finance.

You can try it out, decide if you love it and then apply to buy any time you like or return after 6 months.

How it works

Studio 19 Rentals offers something that no one else does. The chance to try things out without being locked into a rigid contract for years on end. No one ever expects their circumstances to change. Yet they do. All the time. With Studio 19 Rentals, you get the benefit of low monthly payments but none of the uncompromising nature of regular finance offers.

For example, you can return with Studio 19 Rentals. It could be at 6 months, 9 months or 18 months. Any time at all after 6 months you can return your rental bike. No questions asked. This way you get to make sure the equipment is right for you before you make a commitment.

Better still, you can apply to buy your bike whenever you like. The minimum rental period is only related to how long you need to keep it before you can return it. If you want to own it, you can. Even after one day, 10 days, or 365. Whenever you’re ready all you need to do is contact Studio 10 and they will help you make the final payment.

No Ongoing Account Keeping Fees or Charges

With Studio 19 Rentals there are also no ongoing account keeping fees or charges. There are no yearly fees added to your account. Your first payment will include a small admin fee of $17.50. After this, there are no other added fees. The only other possible fee is if you miss your payment date. But if you know you can’t make the payment on time please let them know one business day before and they will put it on hold for you.

Check out Studio 19’s FAQ page if you have any more questions.

Access the Studio 19 Calculator here.

Shop today, interest-free and pay later with Zip.

How it works

Own it now, pay later. Buy the bike you love today and pay it off over 6 months, interest-free. Learn more.

Create a Zip Account

Apply for your Zip account here and make as many purchases as you want up to your limit.

Payment Flexibility

Everyone is different. That is why Zip will let you tailor your payments to suit your lifestyle.


Every purchase you make with Zip at Discovery Cycles is interest-free for up to 6-months. 

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