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Product Description

Maxxis Rekon Tyre

Maxxis Rekon Tyre is an aggressive XC trail tyre inspired by the Maxxis Ikon.

The Rekon is ideally suited to intermediate and technical terrain. The wide knobs down the middle provide control under braking and L-shaped side knobs assure support when carving loose turns.

With confidence inspiring corner control and great rolling efficiency, you can race more and scout less.

Basic Tyre Construction

Basic tyre construction

The function of the bead is to keep the tyre in contact with the rim while the tyre is inflated.

Wire Bead

  • A rigid metal wire is utilized as bead material in applications where ultimate strength is needed and transportability is not a factor.

Foldable Bead

  • Foldable beads also keep the tyre secured to the rim but are lighter weight and easily transported. The bead is made of spun aramid or Kevlar® fibres.

Carbon Fiber Bead

  • Flexible material with greater strength to withstand the forces exerted by a high-pressure road tyre.

Single-Ply Casing

  • One layer of nylon wrapped from bead-to-bead. A single-ply casing conforms well to the terrain and is lighter weight.

Dual-Ply Casing

  • Two layers of casing material are used from bead-to-bead, providing additional protection and sidewall stiffness for enduro and downhill applications.

Wide Trail (WT) Construction

Wide Trail (WT) construction

Wide Trail (WT) construction optimizes the tyre’s tread layout and profile on today’s modern, wider rims.

Traditional tyres are designed around older, narrower rims and can create an overly square tyre profile, leading to less than optimal performance.

WT tyres are optimized for a 35mm inner rim width but are proven to work over a range from 30-35mm inner rim widths, depending on the rider’s preference.

Threads Per Inch (TPI)

The number of threads that cross through one square inch of a single ply of the tyre’s casing. Lower TPI gives better puncture, cut and abrasion resistance but is heavier. Higher TPI conforms better to the terrain, offering a smoother, more comfortable ride while reducing the weight of the tyre.

Maxxis TPI ratings are the threads-per-inch of a single casing ply, as compared to some competitor TPI ratings.

Puncture Protection Technology


SilkShield offers protection from bead to bead, providing an additional level of protection for sidewalls as well as under the tread.


An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tyres. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tyre remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky, treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.


Maxxis EXO+ construction combines two of their best puncture protection materials: SilkShield and EXO. The SilkShield layer runs from bead-to-bead with a layer of EXO along the sidewalls. Combined, these two materials create EXO+ which improves tread puncture protection by 27%; sidewall durability by 51%, and resistance to pinch flats by 28%.

DoubleDown (DD)

DoubleDown (DD) is the next step in the evolution of the dual-ply tyre casing for enduro racing. Two 120 TPI casing layers reinforced with a butyl insert provide the enduro racer with the support and protection of a downhill tyre but in a lighter package.

Maxxis Tyre Compounds

3C MaxxSpeed

Used primarily in cross country and enduro tyre, the two compounds in the outer layer are specially formulated to reduce rolling resistance and optimize treadwear and traction.

3C MaxxTerra

An intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain tyres. 3C MaxxTerra is softer and offers more traction than 3C MaxxSpeed, yet provides better treadwear and less rolling resistance than MaxxGrip.

3C MaxxGrip

3C MaxxGrip uses the softest rubber compounds to offer the ultimate in grip and slow rebound properties for unparalleled traction in downhill applications.

Additional Information

Maxxis Tyre Options

29×2.25 120TPI 3C MaxxSpeed EXO TR

Tyre Applications

Cross Country (XC), Trail

Tyre Casings

EXO, Tubeless Ready (TR)

Tyre Colours


Tyre Compounds

3C Maxx Speed

Tyre Sizes


Tyre Widths



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