SRAM Guide Trail Disc Brake Pads



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SRAM Guide Trail Disc Brake Pads

SRAM Guide Trail Disc Brake Pads are designed for use with the SRAM Guide R, RS, RSC, RSC Ultimate brake systems. These are the OEM pads which include left and right pads, as well as the spring guide and a threaded thru bolt.  They come in three different options:

  1. Metal sintered compound pad with a steel backing plate
  2. Organic compound pad with a steel backing plate
  3. Organic compound pad with an aluminium backing plate

What are the benefits of each pad option?

The metal sintered pads are a harder compound, therefore, they last longer.  However, may not have as much bite as the organics.

The organic compound pads tend to have a bit more bite than the sintered however don’t last as long.

The organic compound pads with the aluminium backing plate are lighter and shed heat better than the steel backing plate.  This option is the dearest in price.

Can I install these myself?

Yes, they should be fairly straightforward to install yourself.

How should I install these pads?

We first recommend that you remove your wheel and remove your existing brake pads.  Spray your brake caliper with some brake cleaner to remove all of the old brake dust and any contaminants.

Now push back the pistons in your caliper with the end of a small spanner (ideally one with a rubber coating as not to damage or scratch the caliper).  Then clean your disc rotor.  In our experience the best product for cleaning your rotors is acetone – it tends to leave no residue.

Once everything is nice and clean install your new brake pads.  Put your wheel back on, and pull in the brake lever to get them biting again.  The lever may pull into the bar the first few times as the pistons push out towards the pads.

After this spin your wheel and check for any brake rub.  You may have to slightly re-align your brake caliper to get rid of any rub if there is some.

Brake Pad Compounds

Metal sintered pad / Steel backing plate, Organic pad / Aluminium backing plate, Organic pad / Steel backing plate


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