Buzzy’s Slick Honey Bike Grease



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Buzzy’s Slick Honey Bike Grease

Buzzy’s Slick Honey Bike Grease was originally designed for use on motorcycle suspension.  However it has proven to be the grease of choice for bicycle mechanics.

Slick Honey is unmatched in its ability to provide nearly frictionless movement while staying in place longer than other greases.  This makes it ideal for lubricating suspension forks, rear shocks, cables, seals, bushings, bearings, and any other sliding or pivoting part that requires a super slick grease.

When it comes to suspension servicing, there is no better grease.


  • Multi-purpose grease, ideal for for seals, bearing surfaces and other grease-lubricated applications
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors prevent seizing
  • Waterproof and washout resistant
  • Working temperature range from -50˚ to 120˚ celsius
  • Compatible with MCU elastomers, o-rings, seals, and oil bath forks
  • Recommended by the worlds top suspension manufacturers
Slick Honey Volume

Syringe 1oz / 30cc, Tube 2oz / 60cc, Tub 16oz / 480cc


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