Women’s Road Bikes

An ideal fit is essential to put in the long miles, so Trek offers a diverse range of options for female cyclists. While most women prefer a road bike specifically designed for their physiology in terms of geometry and components, we recognise that bikes are personal, and others may opt for the features and feel of mainline (unisex) Trek models. Our WSD line-up offers both complete women’s road bikes and after-market components, providing options that fit and ride perfectly from the very first spin.

  • Trek Silque

    Silque Women’s

    Nothing smooths out the road like the all-new Silque. Trek’s innovative IsoSpeed decoupler and women’s ride-tuned frame deliver the perfect balance of smoothness and power.

  • Trek Lexa

    Lexa Women’s

    Lexa is a light, fast women’s road bike. Sleek shaping and a carbon fork make Lexa the perfect choice for road rides, triathlons, or however you choose to rack up the miles.

  • Trek Speed Concept

    Speed Concept

    Speed Concept is pure drag-defying tri performance. It offers total aerodynamic integration, incredible fit, and even Project One customisation – all in one incredible system.

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